Pause Time

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We live in the pursuit, the strive to achieve and maintain that lauded pace of lifestyle that continually ushers us along – ”I’ll sleep when I’m dead”-

Well, the necessity for a mere moment of restorative calm, a simple pause to metaphorically take a breath …could help avert an early, permanent sleep.

In a small way I like to help those that attend my sessions to leave in a peaceful state – usually induced by a short meditation and/or relaxation phase at the end of a class. This week I chose the following soundtrack from Moby as a gateway to the parasympathetic.

What’s wrong with ‘Crushing It’? The energy of Carpe Diem, living fully given our short time on the planet requires no judgement. I’d rather share observations from experienced life travellers to enrich a path towards living well, regardless of pace.

Ryan Holiday’s current best seller ‘Stillness Is The Key’ – references many notable high performers and particularly those who previously held the highest positions of office in the land. There’s a clue in the title….

To complement Ryan’s take on modern life are the insights from the Blue Zones (that’s the area’s of the world where folk live the longest) as researched by Dan Beuttner. He recalls many of his facinating experinces on the Rich Roll podcast.

Worth a listen, even to just pause…and reflect

Also useful to calm the senses (especially during these uncertain times) is track 4, Weather Storm

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