Various sessions allowing you to move, breathe, stretch and relax….

Yoga Style

I often get asked what style of Yoga class I deliver, well, my focus is movement and improving mobility.

I found many prefer mobility, stretching and relaxation while others may want a flowing hypnotic routine that resembles more of a full body workout. As a guide I’ve included the categories below, however, expect adaptable sessions accompanied by background music and aromatherapy to leave you feeling fine. 

Gentle Yoga – simple movement for those new to yoga or recovering from injury, or requiring a slower pace of exercise.

Vinyasa Flow  – The purpose is to synchronise your movement with your breath as we move from one classic yoga pose to the next. A mixed ability session where beginners are guided to work gently within the threshold of what their bodies allow, while those more experienced may develop their practice.

Dynamic Yoga – This session is similar to the Vinyasa Flow class mentioned above but movement through each asana sequence is aimed at developing heat, strength and to invigorate.

CrossFit Yoga – These sessions are tailored to offer a restorative benefit for bodies that have been pushed to the maximum.The purpose during these sessions is for better breath control, to calm the mind & nervous system through guided relaxation techniques, address focus through balance and awareness of subtle core strength and of course to combat tightness and stiffness by improving flexibility.

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