Passed, yet starting out

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After a year of study, practice and a few thousand pounds – I have a certificate to show for my efforts. Yet as I completed my final written exam I realised just how vast the world of Yoga is.
So far, I’ve shared what I know in small group sessions. I had my first full class on Tuesday where I followed the ‘lesson plan’ I submitted for my course. My mentor has reminded me to move from my comfort zone and perhaps explore more.
Last night, at a new 45min introduction class in the south norfolk village of Long Stratton, I shared an adapted and basic version of the classic Sun Salutation. The venue is a leisure facility with regular fitness class attendees – used to ‘pushing it’ and working hard. Indeed I regularly coax many to challenge their fitness levels within my ‘fitness’ sessions. That psyche spilled over into the Yoga practice with the more competitive attempting to, well..increase their flexibility. A mirror image of myself when I started the course.
At first I felt in denial that I couldn’t be a proper Yogi if I can’t do a full Lotus position or fail to remember relevant chakras.
This morning, I was blessed enough to be in a beautiful garden synchronising asana while enjoying the best part of the warm, early morning sunshine.
Tonight I relaxed. I sat on my own, in a sweet scented steam room and practiced the half lotus with quiet breathe. If I’m still at the beginning then I’m enjoying this chapter

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