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Recently stopped the early morning session in Trowse however I still do my own practice at 06.30 at least once a week –  its a really good start to the day and worth trying if you’ve not done so :-)

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Sportivate Yoga Sessions

Sprowston Yoga Session

Sprowston Yoga Session

Sportivate Yoga is finally here after a change of start dates.

I’ll be presenting a short course of Yoga sessions as part of an initiative  set up by Active Norfolk and Broadland District Council to get young folk exercising and more active having left school.

The sessions start Feb 20th but there is still a chance to start on the Feb 27th by contacting Maria calling on 01603 430570- More details enclosed on the poster shown.

Festive Yoga




A friend just gave me this card – it lifted my spirits and has prompted me to share it with you.

I continue to enjoy my Yoga practice and group sessions where I recently encouraged participants to try inner reflection on their day from the start to the point where they sat paused and calm before returning their focus to simple duration and rhythm of the breath.

In the lead up to  Christmas,  a festive pause or brief timeout may just be the required remedy to becoming swirled up in the frantic commercialism

Even Santa can balance it all out :-)


Sportivate Yoga

The Sportivate Thursday Yoga in Sprowston has a new start date of February 27th 2014 – contact details remain the same.


When I was asked to become involved I agreed with the reasoning behind the initiative put forward by Maria Alborough from Broadland District council based in Norwich.
Keeping people active and less sedentary makes for a healthy nation and it appears that even the younger generation aren’t as active as you may think. Once leaving school, regular physical activity levels can drop. This isn’t a new phenomenon as often I’ve heard initial clients describe their ‘recent’ exercise history as not having done much since leaving school/college. The Sportivate initiative is a funded project to ignite interest or perhaps act as a catalyst to get young people involved with regular physical activity

There is more information about  Sportivate on the  Active Norfolk website

Passed, yet starting out

After a year of study, practice and a few thousand pounds – I have a certificate to show for my efforts. Yet as I completed my final written exam I realised just how vast the world of Yoga is.
So far, I’ve shared what I know in small group sessions. I had my first full class on Tuesday where I followed the ‘lesson plan’ I submitted for my course. My mentor has reminded me to move from my comfort zone and perhaps explore more.
Last night, at a new 45min introduction class in the south norfolk village of Long Stratton, I shared an adapted and basic version of the classic Sun Salutation. The venue is a leisure facility with regular fitness class attendees – used to ‘pushing it’ and working hard. Indeed I regularly coax many to challenge their fitness levels within my ‘fitness’ sessions. That psyche spilled over into the Yoga practice with the more competitive attempting to, well..increase their flexibility. A mirror image of myself when I started the course.
At first I felt in denial that I couldn’t be a proper Yogi if I can’t do a full Lotus position or fail to remember relevant chakras.
This morning, I was blessed enough to be in a beautiful garden synchronising asana while enjoying the best part of the warm, early morning sunshine.
Tonight I relaxed. I sat on my own, in a sweet scented steam room and practiced the half lotus with quiet breathe. If I’m still at the beginning then I’m enjoying this chapter

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