Holding For Longer

Sean Avatar

Tonight’s session in Trowse was enjoyed with four participants. I often like to draw inspiration from those in attendance. On this occasion while enquiring of injuries etc, Candy reported a tight shoulder while others felt tired or just achey from other physical pursuits. I figured some upper body mobility would therefore feature to alleviate tightness and tension.

However, to settle into the moment we began with stillness laying on the floor, continuing with holding poses for much longer than previous sessions. We progressed  through seated poses including adaptations of Boat pose and my new found appreciation of a deeper forward bend with legs crossed (very relaxing) before having a brief break.

We restarted in Tadasana with the rather awakening aroma of Peppermint essential oil wafting from the atomiser. The scent proved useful  as was limited to the standing poses as we began loosening and addressing upper body tightness.

To end our session we held legs up for a prone inversion progressing into options of shoulder stand and/or plough before Savasana

A session to repeat sometime methinks 🙂


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