Meditation | ‘My near exploding head’

I’d been dabbling with what I considered my own quiet meditation. My preferred ambiance is alone in the steam room or sauna laying flat on my back, calm and relaxed. Well at least until the temperature becomes too hot for comfort.

I took pride in focused, reflection and planning along with the knowledge that I had every intention of getting further through my library edition of  the Art of Meditation.

I began announcing to friends that I was meditating regularly if only for 10-20mins every 3-4 days. Then I was thankfully challenged on my interpretation of focused ‘problem solving’ . I began to question my useful calming routine and whether the progress of simply starting was required reseting.

Perhaps if I had finished my ‘guide’ book I would have had more of a clue, however I was lucky enough to discover Ben and Keir of

I went along to one of their local lunchtime sessions and on this occasion I had the privilege of their undivided attention as the sole attendee.

I chose to lay down as I would do normally and we progressed with 2 short journeys tailored for a beginner like myself.

My previous approach to meditation, of just attempting to block out the ‘noise’ and distraction of thoughts and  to focus on one thing and to keep returning to that one thing should I get sidetracked, was up for scrutiny (all be it my own).

I was guided to be ‘aware’ of thoughts and not to  worry or become hung up  about them. Thoughts would come through naturally, observe, be aware but continue with the breath and the moment itself.  This is a very shortened summary of the first journey which I found relaxing.

The second journey was a different experience with the emphasis on ‘Awareness’ which seemed heightened by having my eyes closed.

I quip about my head nearly exploding however it felt as if the bio electricity in my brain had gone from country lane to a motorway intersection. Awareness and consciousness of sound, thoughts, feelings, presence –  all simultaneously – felt exhausting yet intriguingly uplifting.

I’m excited by what may come out of regular practice and development. To be continued for sure 🙂


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