Reverse Pigeon

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This is one of my favorite poses. Often a staple stretch used during a cool down routine after exercise, however the position never seems to be held long enough or repeated.

The 1st picture is a common interpretation of Reverse Pigeon pose which feels great from the gluteals  (muscles of your bottom) and along the outside of your thigh. I find that the more your body relaxes in this pose, the better it feels. Tight hips , a subtle stretch of the piriformis plus those with stiff or weary lower backs may feel some benefit too and there have been anecdotal reports of this being a good position to alleviate sciatic nerve pain but, as ever, always follow the guidance of your GP or Physio first if you have any ailments or concerns.

The final picture shows a variation providing a slightly deeper stretch.
Be mindful of your knee joint, ease progressively into the stretch and…Enjoy!

File 14-10-2016, 11 41 43.jpeg

*always check first with your health professional before attempting new exercises


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