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Exercise can lift the mood and serves as a way to de-stress.

Enroute to tonight’s’ Post-work group session I encountered rush hour traffic to help raise my blood pressure and fill my car with expletives.
I arrived with a couple of minutes to spare to then be relocated from my usual studio space to another, complete with tables and chairs…

File 25-01-2016, 22 13 22

That was my journey, I was unaware of how my class attendees arrived in comparison.
However, starting the session in Apanasa / knees to chest with simple ankle rotations before sitting up to massage the toes and the feet was rewardingly calming for all. We then moved through a whole body warm up through to short bursts of  high intensity exercise before slowing down for a restorative stretch routine. Focused breathing, a mindful body scan, whole body yoga stretches before relaxation in a short Savasana.

The session finished with the proclamation ‘Thank you, the best way to start the week!’

File 25-01-2016, 21 56 22












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