Stretch Your Front!

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This anterior or front of body stretch is often typified with a standing high lunge, however, a much simpler modification / alternative is demonstrated – quite gracefully- by Abi Carver as shown below;

Last night’s group exercise class featured this stretch to target the muscles of the hip flexors, (front of thigh) and the psoas. As we attempted it there was a collective verbal affirmation .. a grunt-like sigh indicating that it was much needed. One lady needed to adjust position slightly in order to specifically along the front and not towards the side of the lower back (quadratus lumborum) while the other participant reported feeling the stretch increasingly across the chest, shoulder and arm of the raise hand.

So why is this move or stretch so important? Well in my opinion it can be considered as an opposite or perhaps the simplest antidote to seated secular living. It targets the Psoas which is a muscle of particular anatomical and spiritual significance which I’ll be exploring in more depth in proceeding posts. I’ll also be adding my own step by step guide to variations of this move in my next post. For now, if you’re safe and able, gently have a go and feel some benefit

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