Nice, Deep Back Stretch

This week I attended a mixed ability Pilates mat class and was reminded of the rotational stretch shown in the video below at the end of the session. I had neglected it recently but no more!

There are numerous ways to ‘cooldown’ after exercise. Its quite typical to have a selection of goto stretches added to the end of a session with many familiar ones such as ‘Reverse Pigeon’ or ‘Child pose’ or the classic prone thigh stretch (where you lay on your front and reach behind with one arm to bring the heel of one leg back towards your buttocks).

My current running habit has improved my cardiovascular fitness with what seems to be a trade off that shows up as tightness throughout the body. This spinal rotation is a welcome detangle from the rigours of pounding the tarmac.

Avoid if medical issues or back injury etc – otherwise, progress through the relaxation zone.

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