Weights + Yoga + Pilates?

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Once upon a time I took part in a CrossFit workout followed by very actively leading a Yoga class. The tightness and limited range of motion of some of the participants was always intriguing and yet that was a key reason why I was recruited to help out.

I enjoyed the purpose and benefits of both disciplines and later dabbled with some exploration of using kettlebells within a Yoga routine. However, that was 5 years ago and I the experimental concept has been sat on the shelf as an idea with no legs and was mostly forgotten about …until a few days ago!

Sure CrossFit style workouts no longer feature as regularly in my fitness regimen instead being substituted for Pilates. In fact, my recent Pilates Teacher Training required a level of practice emersion, re-studying anatomy and physiology that has been insightfully rewarding.

Regardless of qualifying my learning continues, especially the other day while attending a Pilates Mat Class delivered by my previous course mentor Stacey. It was here that she introduced the option to use dumbells. Like any good Instructor, she reassured the group of the optional use of weights offering dumbbells 0.5kg up to 1.5kgs dumbbells.

Well, in short an effective workout highlighting the requirement and underpinning of Pilates principles especially stability. Add physics, levers and/or limb length and the use of lighter weights (compared to other workouts) was certainly appropriate.

Simple, enjoyable and a prompt for me to dig out those old Yoga + Kettlebell experimental routines. Below was a previous work in progress that I might try adapting with a little Pilates foundation or simply use as extra inspiration for future session design.

Mobile Video link: https://youtu.be/7YjIeYQpARo

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