Looking Back To The Future

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Much has changed in the fitness world over the last 20 years. I find this time frame quite relevant as it marks the start of my career when I knew nothing of Kettlebells, Workout Apps or Keto-Crankiness. Group exercise was very much a staple diet for health-clubs and gyms with one modality often deemed as slow and boring, Pilates.

2020 and I practice more ‘boring’ Pilates and throw less of the thrilling roundhouse kicks while reminiscing on my olympic bar ‘clean & Jerk’ moves.

You can do it all, surely?? Well, depends on what your aims are as well as how quickly your body can recover from multiple workouts… and that’s just for starters. However, even though my own focus has centred on Pilates, Running and Yoga for the last year, I’ve started to rethink old workout modalities and revisit some of my favourite fitness tools /props to use once again, but this time with Pilates principles to underpin most, if not all of the exercises.

Ironically some of this nostalgia was inspired by two recent Pilates classes delivered by experienced teachers (one of which I referred to in a previous blog about the use of hand weights). This week , the class I attended included the use of a humble, swishy ball roughly 6 inches in diameter. The ball weighed next to nothing yet proved to be very effective [for the record, its not prompting me to dig out my medicine ball – similar in shape yet totally inappropriate for replicating the session]. As I look back at old footage, ideas spring to mind for future programme design and routines to share. Remixed, revamped and soon ready for release!

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