COVID 19 Thoughts & History Lessons.

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Strange times.

What can I add to the opinions, fear, theories, uncertainty? Not the most positive words to start a blog.

History (often forgotten or ignored) has examples of how we can perhaps navigate the global pandemic upon us. I mention this as my partner heads to the supermarket for a 2nd visit – because yesterday’s shopping attempt was hindered due to low stocks courtesy of earlier panic-buy shoppers.

Yet, if we were to go back 80 years post world war II, the introduction of rationing food was part of modern life for the UK & USA. Sadly I’ve no living grandparents to converse with and learn from their experiences during that time or prior to it. Fortunately there is commentary, propoganda, documented anecdotes, reports and evidence from those ‘strange times’.

Resilience, Camaraderie, Empathy and Unity would have served to embolden the spirit through adversity. Of course these traits are far from unique to the West and many cultures have endured much, much worse (there is no sliding scale to apply here – I can only speak from my current knowledge base / interpretation).

Regardless of background, culture or perspective these traits mentioned may prove essential once more.

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