Spine Mobility

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Here’s a short routine that went onto form part of my class preparation this week. The key focus was on mobility and strength of the back and spine. Common to Yoga is the classic forward bend, however for this sequence I wanted to slow the movements down with more concentration. In fact the routine borrow heavily from Pilates rather than Yoga.

So rather than flowing straight into Uttanasana the attention was directed towards mindful spinal articulation with a gradual forward bend. This is perhaps helped by visualising on moving each vertebrae of the spine at a time, sequentially. Imagine each a bead of a neckless – progressively moving from one to the next.

! Of course ANYONE with spinal , joint or medical issues Do Not Attempt and please seek professional advice first !

Throughout the forward bend you can bend your knees if your lower back muscles or hamstrings feel particularly tight.

Take it slow and enjoy nourishing your back

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