Gratitude & Social Distancing

I ran with clear lungs from my rented accommodation past the expensive properties on my running route towards the seafront. I currently have no symptoms of COVID-19 and intend to follow the UK government recommendations of only going out of the house for essentials – which includes safe, outdoor exercise.

My chosen outdoor exercise for today as mentioned was a run of 6km which took me pass walkers enjoying the sunshine. Some with dogs, some wearing facial protection masks, some cycling with their children and the occasional fellow jogger nodding recognition.

Today I knew I could find an isolated patch of beach to quickly take a dip into the sea – mid way through my run. The stretch of shoreline where I live overlooks the english channel – and its still quite cold. Yes, cold enough for me to last 2mins of breast stroke before returning to change back into minimal running gear and continue my run.

So what am I grateful for?

Living close enough to run to the sea

The tingling, rejuvenating sensation as I stepped out of the sea.

Being healthy enough to run in the first place

Sunshine, blue sky making fine weather during my exercise

If I’m unlucky enough to fall ill and find myself in a hospital bed, then today’s ordinary, insignificant exercise forming part of the list above – will hopefully bring comfort.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

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