Returning to a 30 day Yoga challenge…

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Yes, another month containing 30 days so an excuse or prompt to return to a previously successful template of maintaining regular, consecutive Yoga participation for 30 days in a row.

So November 1st = day 1 and my goto guide was initially Adriene Mischler of Yoga With Adrienne. As if by magic my phone selected the following;

Well, my impatient daughter (who had requested to join me even though it was close to her bed time) soon became bored with Adrienne’s preamble and so given that it’s a school night the 49min duration for the video was substituted for a Yoga studio session of 15mins.

Mission accomplished and not really a challenge as such because the benefit provided from at least one stretch within a pose is a pleasant reminder to keep the practice daily for self care. I guess the challenge is to make the time and consider ‘self care’ as a necessary daily habit to go beyond 30 days.

Anyway, for this evening my challenge was to keep up with my flexible daughter. 29 days to go…as a minimum.

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